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We have been retailing tattooing supplies Since 2012 as AB Needles until we created AB Supplies in 2016, and now have brought Supernatural Tattoo Balm, Solid Ink, ShagBuilt, Tuff Tubes, MUSOTOKU, Nikko Hurtado's Anchored and Brian Patton's MAMBA Clip cords and RCA Cords, together on the same site. These are brands that we believe supply some of the best quality in their respected fields on the market today. Made by tattooers for tattooers.

Solid Ink is Made by tattooer Federico Ferroni. He is committed to making the most solid pigments possible, and creates an all natural, vegan product. Solid Ink is easy to work with, super bright, heals solid and are all incredibly concentrated to ensure maximum colour saturation.

Shag Built d10 d20 and the one 

d10- An exciting new re-addition to the Shagbuilt family of machines. This is my Olde E machine brought back to life and updated with new features that make it even easier to use. It features the same powerful motor as the d20, and has true rotary action.

d20 - are beautifully designed lightweight linear slide style rotary machines, made by hand using precision Swiss motors. This machine packs a punch and is incredibly consistent. Once you try one you will find it very hard to put down.

the one - The brand new noisemaker is finally here!!! Introducing the big brother to the d20, THE ONE linear slide style rotary machine is here. Features an enhanced and more efficient slide, inline geometry that means less loss of power transmission, built in rubber band hooks, and an upgraded motor. In other words- a d20 in beast mode. Want to tattoo more efficiently than ever? Look no further!

Our all NEW Supernatural Tattoo Balm is a healing cream that Dean Sacred has been developing and trialling for the past year, in conjunction Georgina from Archeus.  This is an all natural and vegan product containing excellent healing properties, and is a fantastic alternative to other petroleum based products. It is great for the healing of tattoos, as well as a Vaseline alternative that won't affect your stencil. We highly recommend this balm.

MUSOTOKU Power supplies have All the power that any coil or rotary tattoo machine could demand. Or even two machines at the same time if you want! Easily move between your preferred setups, and retrieve them even after turning the power supply off.It is small, perfect for travel and for working on tiny workspaces and it’s only 30 gr more than an iPhone

FeatherLite MAMBA Clip cords and RCA Cords The newest most versatile cords from FeatherLite,Non stick jacket material - easily slides into any clip cord sleeve without catching


Please Note: We will ONLY supply our products to qualified tattoo artists. Feel free to have a look around the site, and if you would like to buy from us then please register for an account or send us an enquiry. Once your application is confirmed you will receive a login, then you will be able to see prices and purchase. Please do not ask for a log in if you do not work in a professional studio. We will be adding more products to our site in the future, so keep an eye out for upcoming changes.

Coming soon: a shop for non artists to buy merchandise and healing creams.

We will work hard to bring you the best tattooing supplies with a fast and efficient service.

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