SALE - S8 Red Thermal Paper

S8® RED Stencil Paper

Nothing short of revolutionary: S8® RED Stencil Paper is the world’s first impact and thermal ready red coloured tattooing stencil paper.

For years, tattoo artists have intuitively known that red is the ideal stenciling color for light skin tones thanks to the fact that red provides the greatest degree of visual seperation when black- lining. Stenciil paper manufacturers have been unable to produce a thermal machine-readyred paper, until now! Our patent-pending blend of FD&C and D&C approved red colorants are set in mineral and vegetable waxes which are safe and approved for use on all skin types. This offers unparalleled tattoo stencilperformance.

  •               World’s first red colored tattooing stencilpaper
  •               Redcoloridealforlining
  •               FD&CandD&Capprovedredcolorantsthataresafeandapprovedforuseonal skintypes
  •               Thermal and impactready
  •               Solid long lastingstencils
  •               Workswith all S8RED products


S8 RED Thermal Standard (100 sheets per unit) 21.60cm x 28cm

S8 RED Thermal Roll 21.60cm x 254cm


S8® RED Stencil Carrier

The S8® RED Carrier helps improve the quality of thermal transfers, meaning artists get the most out of their supplies.

Many thermal copiers do not evenly distribute energy over the exposure surface, this can lead to areas of high exposure (hot

spots) and low exposure (cold spots). A RED Carrier reduces those hot and cold spots by absorbing and distributing that infrared energy. Additionally, the RED Carrier holds awkwardly shaped stencils together when they pass through traditional thermal machines.


S8 RED Carrier Standard 22cm x 37cm

S8 RED Extra Long Carrier 22cm x 74cm