• Shake bottle thouroughly, specially with light colors.
  • Some of our thicker inks contain an agitator, shake until you hear it bouncing inside the bottle
  • Some colours separate, that is the high concentration of pigment,
  • Yes you can mix them with each other.
  • You can use The Mixer to dilute colours, and make them slightly lighter, if your tattooing style is fast, or if decide to make your own grey washes.
  • The Mixer to breaks down the lining black and allows you to make fantastic shades of grey
  • Solid Ink colours don't dry in cup.
  • Some oranges may get a thin layer after a while of sitting on the cup, but it is totally fine.
  • Don't ever mix the pigment with regular water from the sink, bacteria from the water can be transmitted directly to the skin
  • Achieve color saturation takes a while to master , sometimes is better to do a second pass after tattoo is totally healed.
  • Keep your bottles in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Make sure environment is clean.
  • Prior to every use , you can wipe the twist cap with alcohol.
  • Use common sense applying tattoo ink: colors made out of white don't go well with dark skin, don't over work the skin.


Manufactured: 16600 NW 54th Ave. Unit 6 , Miami 33014 , Florida , USA Contact: 786 216 6360


  • Do not use this tattoo ink in or around the eyes.
  • Solid Ink recommends spot testing or consultation with a dermatologist.
  • Do not use in or around the eyes.
  • Keep in cool dry place away from heat.
  • Do not freeze.
  • Ingredients: Proprietary blend of natural pigments, vegetable glycerin, distilled water & hamamelis. The pigments used are absolutely non-toxic and non-hazardous, under the OSHA COMMUNICATION STANDARD (29 CFR 1910,1200)
  • Most colors tested and approved by CTL lab in Bielefeld Germany for safety and skin reactivity complying with European legislation on tattoo colors.
  • Vegan.
  • Does NOT contain carcinogenic, reprotoxic or mutagenic substances.
  • Does NOT contain preservative substances.
  • Reactivity: Stable and will not occur polymerization.
  • Physical data: Appearance in various color liquid fluids.┬áMost colors are water dispersible or soluble.
  • Handling the product: Keep the ink in a dry area, avoid heat and freezing.
  • Ink is labeled with lot number for traceability, and expiration date to insure quality and safety use.